Who are we?

We’re Sea & Sons, a British surf brand built by a crew of like minded surfers, shapers and craftsmen with saltwater in their veins. We craft our own alternative and finely tuned high perfomance surfboards and supply world renowned shapes through our shaper collective. 


What brands do we supply?

We craft our own brands - Blank by Sea&Sons, Sea&Sons Performance
and Sea&Sons Alternative surfboards.

We supply Aloha, Matt Barrow Soul and Clayton Soul.


Why Custom Order?

All our boards are custom order - We are of the firm belief that you buy the right board for your ability and weight.

This results in you getting your new board with the correct volume for you to surf to your best ability and if learning  to get the right stick to move on with your progression.

It is impossible for any surfboard outlet to carry the full range of models and sizes of boards to suit all so most people end up purchasing a new board which may be slightly too large or small for them.

Calculating the right volume is simple using our volume recommendation chart.

Plus by not having our own store and all the overheads that come with that, means we can pass those savings on to you!


Can I speak to an actual human?

Without a doubt. Hit the button down the bottom right of our site and you will be put in touch directly with one of our shapers. From there we'll work together with you either over email or on the telephone to ensure we create the perfect shape for you.

We only accept online orders improving your security. The website is set up to make ordering and payment simple.


Can I change my order?

Once the order has been placed we cannot change it due to the nature of it being a custom order.


Do you hold stock boards?

Yes we currently hold stock of MB, Clayton and Aloha.

If you wished to find out what is available then you need to contact factory@seaandsons.com

If we have the right model available delivery time would be within 7 days.


Can I find your surfboards in surf shops?

We are currently working to set up a retail outlets throughout Britain and Ireland.
These should be stocking boards from Spring 2017.


How long does delivery take?

All boards are delivered to your door within 30 days of placing your order.

For Alternative boards we offer a 42 day delivery as most customers want more complicated finishes on their boards.


How much does it cost extra for delivery?

Delivery is FREE on all board orders to mainland Europe.


Where are the boards made?

All boards are made in Seville, Spain under the supervision of Matt Barrow our executive shaper.


Upgrade Packages

We can offer upgrade packages to include Shapers board bag, fins , leash and deck grips.



We are unable to accept returns for custom orders.

Please see terms and conditions







Volume Recommendation