Matt Barrow

Matt Barrow


Matt started surfing aged 8 with his father one summer at Watergate Bay. He was immediately taken with surfing spending most of his time in the waves around his native Cornwall
He has been a two time British surfing champion and devoted many years of his youth to high level competition around the world.

His passion for making surfboards started while doing some ding repairs at the Oceanmagic Factory in his hometown of Newquay working for Nigel Semmens.
Matt soon decided he wanted to learn to make his own boards .
After meeting Greg Brown and Mark Phipps he took the opportunity to go and work and learn how to shape at the Gash Factory in Torquay, Victoria , Australia.
From Gash he went on a walkabout -surfing  the east coast of Australia and
when funds had run out, he managed to get employment at the Local Motion Factory at Ballina near Lennox Head.
Here he  improved his knowledge of sanding and shaping boards, learning from leading international shapers such as Gunter Rohn, Brian Ingham,Tony Cerff and the famous Gleghorn.

When his visa had finally run out Matt came back to Europe and started working in France for Stephen Bell at Euroglass in Hossegor while also competing on the EPSA tour.

Whilst in France he was offered to work at the famous Pukas Factory in  Olatu in San Sebastian.
Matt started glassing there and back shaping for the likes of Darren Handley, Peter Daniels and learning from Matt Biolos, Jeff Johnston, Bruce Mckee, Steve Wilson and Pat Rawson.
Matt became their in-house shaper for 5 years.

He eventually decided that he would leave the Basque country and move back to the U.K to set up Factory52, a state of the art surfboard factory and started making Rusty Surfboards for Europe, Lost surfboards for the U.K, Billabong boards for Europe and Matts Factory52 label.
Matt also installed the first cad driven surfboard cutting machine, the DSD machine.

When contracts expired he decided to accept an offer to move back to Spain
as executive shaper for the Glassing Monkey Factory in Seville 
Matt has been there now 10 years with his family splitting his time between work and surfing the great variety of waves on offer in Spain and Portugal
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