The Crew

Our brand ambassador program is a true reflection of the surfing population of the UK. We've found most of them on the beach as we've travelled around the country. Our crew is made up of inspirational figures, artists, rippers and underground chargers. The Crew is pretty typical of those we find washed up all round the high tide line: all very different people on various paths but sharing very similar outlooks. They certainly know a lot about surfboards.

These guys rip, but more importantly inspire and challenge us to redefine, innovate and push the envelope of surf hardware so we can bring better products to you.


Mark Boyd
Mark Boyd lives in Thurso in the far north of Scotland. Surfing up there is all about commitment. It’s cold heavy and battered by the deepest lows. But when the elements come together you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Boydie is totally at home in the hollow slabs and classic reefs and points of the frozen north.
“Living in Caithness comes with its pros and cons. World class reef breaks, beautiful coastline, big heavy hollow waves, lots of sheep, whisky and good craic. But like all of Scotland, the winters are dark, long and freezing. The weather can be harsh with gales and snow and the summers are prone to flat spells. Contrary to popular misconception the waves are no longer uncrowded these days unfortunately. But there is something special about surfing world class tubes with your friends and its something I've never experienced anywhere else on my travels and something I will never give up."  

  • Sheps

    Sheps is a freelance crayon technician from Devon and a serial traveller. Whether it's burning diesel scouring Devon and Cornwall for waves or heading off on an exotic solo trip he froths on all sorts of waves, but especially left hand point breaks.

    Sheps' quiver is one of the most varied in The Crew. It includes single fins, shortboards, fun boards, handplanes, weird displacement things - basically anything with flow.


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