4.57" Performance Side Fin


The 4.57 Performance Side Fins offers a new progressive approach to the tradditional 2+1 set up. The 4.57 Performance Stabiliser has an upright template and less rake in the tip. This allows for quick and pivotal surfing with minimal drag. The upright template matches the performance surfing of SUP's and longboards as turns are pivoted off the front fins due to the stance (feet positioning) on larger boards.

The height and outline of the 4.57 Performance Side Fin is design to match the movement of smaller centre fins and larger sides, which offer the ability to surf off the tail and maneuver the board with a shortboard approach, while still offering the ability to noseride when matched with a 4.52, 4.64, 5.25, 5.5or 6 Performance Centre Fins.

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2 | Fusion


Black, Carbon Base


Base: 110mm | 4.33
Depth: 116mm | 4.57


The CarbonFlare® construction offers increased drive and hold over the ProGlass® Series, this is achieved through a precision positioning of carbon fibre in the base of the fin. The CarbonFlare Series uses a CoreLite® core which creates an ultra-light weight fin with a controlled flex pattern well-suited for a broad range of surfers and surf conditions.

Volume Recommendation