Carbon Flare: AP1 Quad

The AP01 is Asher Pacey's Signature Model. The AP01 is a Small-Medium template which is designed for lighter surfers or larger surfers that want too loosen their boards in small surf. The template is designed with a rake ratio that allows the AP Series to surf from tight pocket surfing to open face carving. The AP Series uses Shapers Carbon Flare Technology that creates a stiff base and allow the fin to flex in a way that releases energy between transitions that provides maximum acceleration and drive. A great choice for most surfers, boards and conditions in the Small to Medium fin range. Also available in Medium - Large.

Material: Carbon Base with Hex Core/Glass w/ Bamboo Inlay


Size: Small-Medium 55kg-75kgs

Front Fins:

Base: 4.57" (116mm)
Depth: 4.49" (114mm)
Sweep: 33 Degrees

Foil: Flat

Rear Fins:

Base: 4.04" (102mm)
Depth: 3.97" (100mm)
Sweep: 33 Degrees

Foil: 80/20

Volume Recommendation