Carbon Hybrid; Matt Banting Large


The MB LARGE is inspired by Matt Banting’s progressive and explosive approach to surfing and is his go to setup for the WSL. Designed for surfers in the large weight category and/or power surfers, the fins sweep (rake) and wide fin base provides drive and hold through sweeping turns, whilst the fins refined tips and smaller centre fin reduce drag, increase speed and provide fin release for moves through and above the lip. The MB’s are made with Shapers Carbon Hybrid Technology, a construction that creates a unique tension flex that loads up and then release energy out of turns with speed, power and commitment! The MB’s deliver on performance in all surf conditions and with a stiffer progressive flex pattern are well suited to powerful waves and powerful, responsive surfing.

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2




Carbon Base, Carbon Strips and Black Tint, White Strips


Side Fin
SIZE: LARGE 85-105kg / 185-230lbs
Side Base: 121MM / 4.76”
Side Depth: 119MM / 4.68”
Side Sweep: 35 degrees
Side Foil: FLAT FOIL
Rear Fins
Rear Base: 116MM / 4.56”
Rear Depth: 114MM / 4.50”
Rear Sweep: 37 degrees
Rear Foil:



Carbon Hybrid Series:
Highly technical and resilient construction uniting a carbon fibre base with carbon fibre strands through to the fins tip. Possesses a stiffer, ultra reponsive flex pattern, uniquely designed to load up on energy and release it with a burst = speed, power and drive.

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