The Stunned Mullet

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  • The swallow tail fish has to be one of the most successful surfboard shapes in history. Our fish takes inspiration from the old school Steve Lis style fishes but is a more contemporary package. It has a has a nicely pulled in tail and shortboard style rails for a more performance feel. Single to double concave with a flat rocker. 

We pack a lot of volume into a short length so sizes down to 5'2 are possible making for incredibly tight arcs with the same blistering speed.

  • Available with FCS twin setup for pure down the line speed. (3 plugs)
  • Or as FCS quad if you want to surf more vertically (The quad setup is also more forgiving on your backhand.). 

Available in either flat colour sprays or some amazing resin tints by our in-house glass master Hector. If you see something in our other ranges you like or have something special in mind, drop us a line!

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